Sunday, 15April12 – Things that make writers look dumb

miki sos smallPlease join us this Sunday, April 15th, at the Cottage* as Co-Pastor Jon Rieley-Goddard leads a discussion on grammar and usage, a subject that evokes passion in those who read and write and reflect upon these deceptively simple activities. Topics will include favorite authorities, favorite rules, and your additions to a growing list that Jon has started, titled The Top Ten Things that Make Writers Look Dumb.

don logoJon is writing a book on grammar and usage with the working title of House of Verbs: Grammar (a Little) and Usage (a Lot) for Writers. Visit his blog for the project at The book, which is half-done, examines writing from the angle of independent, or print-on-demand, publishing as well as being a book for all on the subject. The style is personal essay. Jon’s POD efforts are the work of BaldyBooks. He is the editor and publisher and holds 12 other titles and their attendant tasks with the company (

Jon was a copy editor on daily newspapers for 14 years before attending seminary.

He is author of The Mystery Man Murders ( and maintains an insane number of blogs.

Jon, who favors a free and easy, rule-aware approach to grammar and usage in his own writing, realizes that the group could spend an hour picking apart the choices that he made in writing this blurb and still not be done with it.

*Riverside-Salem Environmental Chapel/Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island; 4-6 p.m.; potluck following.  All welcome.

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