Spy novel reading and signing on Sunday, Feb. 12

miki sos smallJoin us this Sunday, February 12th, 4-6 p.m. (potluck following) at our Environmental Chapel/Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, for a author event.

Jon-Rieley-Goddard-2Co-Pastor Jon Rieley-Goddard will give a reading from his just-published novel, The Mystery Man Murders. The story follows the lives of a group of over-the-hill spies who have gathered together to run a used bookshop in the northern section of Buffalonya that sells a number of covert services as well as books.

These men and women, who once occupied a country they call Spookistan, where they worked in the shadows, now maintain a quasi-criminal enterprise that seems to have lost its protection from the governmental agencies, commonly known as TLAs, or Three-Letter Agencies, that have called up on them in the past for what could loosely be termed piece work.

jon r-gThe narrator, Goose Grim, a man who is the life partner of the woman who runs the bookshop, is in recovery from a longtime op he calls Operation Beloved. Under the cover name of the Rev. Mr. White, along with his longtime friend the Rev. Mr. Black, Goose played the pastor so well that he eventually had a conversion experience that ended his days in Spookistan. The two had spied on the churches they served, churches notorious for their liberal stances concerning the Vietnam War and other liberal causes over time.

Such notoriety is not new for Riverside-Salem United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ. Church members attracted the attention of TLAs for their antiwar activities during the Vietnam years.

Things get sticky when Mr. Black turns up missing and presumed by the bookshop crew to be dead, victim of a suspicious bus vs. pedestrian accident in the dark and rain.

Jon will have trade paperback copies of the book on hand for signing. The special event price will be $10. Also, anyone who leaves their email will receive an electronic version of the book free.

book coverAs the editor, publisher, and everything else at BaldyBooks, Jon is publishing the book using print-on-demand technology. The book is also available as an Ebook for Kindle or Nook.

The Mystery Man Murders is the first of a series called Grimoire – the Bros Grim Breakfast Serial – a story in pieces.

At TheBrosGrim.com, a blog Jon uses to post pieces of his work on the Grimoire series, the motto is Have some crime with your morning coffee.

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