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Sunday, 20Nov.2016 — Alice Gerard’s 365-day photo challenge


Dennis Banks and Alice Gerard at the Environmental Cottage of Riverside-Salem UCC/DC, Grand Island, New York, 17May15. (Photo © 2015 Jon Rieley-Goddard)

miki soos logoSunday, November 27, 2016:  Alice Gerard’s 366-day photo project (4-6 p.m. + potluck) at Riverside-Salem, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, NY 14072.  Join us!

 At the end of July 2015, Alice Gerard read a blog that described a project called the “365-day photography project.” The goal is to take at least one picture a day for 365 days.

At the end of the blog was an invitation by the author to do the same project. So, because Alice tends to be a bit impulsive, she decided on the spot that she wanted to do her own 365-day photography project.

A few weeks later, she discovered that, because 2016 is a leap year, the project was actually a 366-day photography project. Alice started and finished the project at Buckhorn Island State Park, a wildlife sanctuary that is Alice’s favorite place in Grand Island.

Alice is looking forward to sharing her year in pictures with you. She is still taking pictures regularly, although not daily.

On Sunday, 20Nov16: Brian Brown Cashdollar on refugees under Trump

miki soos logoPlease join us on Sunday, November 20th, 4-6 p.m. (+ potluck) for a presentation by Brian Brown Cashdollar on “Refugees:  Facts, Myths, and Risks under Trump.”

Brian is particularly knowledgeable on the issue.briancashdollarOn

He worked with refugees from Nicaragua and Costa Rica in the 1980’s, with WNYCOSH for 6 years on sweatshop and fair trade issues, and with various organizations (including Journey’s End, VIVE, and the International Institute) as a director and fundraiser working with refugees, asylees, and immigrants. He is now back with WNYCOSH developing and growing the Worker Center and ensuring that outreach includes refugee and immigrant communities.


Sunday, 06Nov16 — a book about Kent State deaths by a survivor

miki soos logoTom Grace was one of nine Kent State University students seriously wounded by a fusillade of gunshots from the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970, when he joined a student rally after leaving his university classroom. Four other students were killed, two of whom were not even attending the protest rally.
In the aftermath of the shooting, numerous student leaders were prosecuted and imprisoned.  None of the officers who had issued order for the guardsmen to fire and even themselves joined in the shooting were ever prosecuted for their arguably criminal actions.

More than forty years later Tom Grace authored a temperate, well-considered, and thoroughly researched history of the Kent State struggle.  It is much more than a personal memoir.   A succinct account of how he came to be shot on that day is included in a prologue and in sidebars to the description of the day of the shootings, but this is not why he wrote this history. [From “Talking Union” by Paul Garver.

Thomas M. Grace is adjunct professor of history at Erie Community College. A 1972 graduate of Kent State University, he earned a PhD in history from SUNY Buffalo after many years as a social worker and union representative.

Join us this Sunday, November 6, 4-6 p.m. (+ potluck) at RS Environmental Cottage, 3449 West River Rd., Grand Island, NY 14072.

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