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Sunday, 25Sept.16 — Report from a trip to Cuba

miki soos logoNicole Gerber and Dave Reilly, who led a Niagara University field-based faculty-led intensive field study to Havana, will talk about the experience of introducing 22 students to Cuba and its people at the Environmental Cottage at 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 25.  They will discuss the resilience of a cohesive community that thrives in a revolutionary setting.  And they will explain the three pillars of the revolution—health, education, and economics—and how they exemplify the successes of the Cuban society.

At our Environmental Sanctuary/Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, NY 14072.  All Welcome! Potluck every Sunday.

And now we return to regular Sunday programming

sos-smallr01x60Sep. 11 — Peace/Nonviolence Festival & Walk, Canalside (2:30-dusk)

[4-6 p.m.: Business – Informal discussion of plans/visions for the coming year, including this from the WNY Land Conservancy:

For the Riverside Sanctuary, we are preparing letters of inquiry for all 82 property owners of the 169 parcels that comprise approximately 266 acres of undeveloped land in this area. The letter will introduce the potential for conservation, either through sale or donation of the land or through sale          or donation of the land’s development rights by way of conservation easements. The letter will ask interested property owners to respond to us. Our goal is to have a draft of the letter to you by mid-September, then mail the letter by the end of September. With responses in hand by late October, we will know how many people are interested and where their properties are located. We will prepare a few maps of interested property owners and their land. Based on the level of interest, we would then have to strategize next steps.

Sep. 18 — Business, including two presentations:  Proposal re “Practical Play/Knowledge Fire” from Dave Harter; Fundraiser for The Bihari Relief Fund – report from David Johnson

Sep. 25 — [Cuba Report by Dave Reilly’s NU students?  Still awaiting “final confirmation” of date]


Sep. 27            [Tuesday] Monthly Administrivia Gathering

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