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Workday on Saturday, gun violence program on Sunday

miki soos logoRiverside-Salem Work Day on Saturday:  Please join us this Saturday, November 21st, from 10:00 a.m. onward as we work on the handicapped-accessible walkway.

On Sunday, Nov. 22nd (4-6 p.m. + potluck, at the cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, NY 14072, as usual):  Paul McQuillen, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV Buffalo-Niagara), will be our presenter.  Paul is currently the Upstate Coordinator of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) and was the founding WNY Coordinator.

In fall of 2013, Paul saw the need for a gun violence awareness organization if Buffalo after discovering that there was no local organization. He contacted Leah Gunn Barrett, Executive Director of NYAGV at their offices in NYC, explaining that there was no formal GVA program in the Buffalo area and wanting to know more. He was told that upstate was particularly absent from an organized presence and they discussed opportunities to change that. Paul was afforded the opportunity to organize upstate and WNY which began in earnest in January 2014.

NYAGV now has coordinators in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and the Hudson Valley. They have a legislative representative based out of their main offices in NYC. They are growing statewide and have now organized a Buffalo Niagara presence – NYAGV Buffalo-Niagara.

Paul attended Albany Law School – Antioch University – Frontier CHS – St. Joseph University and St. Mary of the Lake.

He spent 20 years in the railroad and labor union fields attending Albany Law School while maintaining employment with Conrail.  He worked on Conrail, attended law school, and all while commuting home to his family on weekends.

He practiced law in Buffalo, mostly criminal defense, matrimonial and family court and was an Assistant Erie County Attorney for six years.

He has been married to Linda McQuillen (40 years). They have a son (Patrick), a daughter-in-law (Justine), and 2 1/2 grandchildren (Owen 4, Aubree 2 and ?).

This Sunday, Doctrine of Discovery – the domination code

miki soos logoThis Sunday, Nov. 15th, Agnes Williams of Indigenous Women’s Initiatives (IWI) will facilitate a discussion following the showing of “The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code.” The DVD shows “a story of historical truth, spirituality, and resistance, told on behalf of the original nations and peoples of Great Turtle Island and elsewhere on Mother Earth. We are still here and still rightfully free.”

Even today, in 2015, Chief Justice John Marshall’s distinction between “Christian people” and “heathens” in Johnson v. M’Intosh (1823) is still treated by the U.S. Supreme Court as valid law for the United States. The Supreme Court has used the claimed right of Christian discovery and domination in the Johnson ruling as its underlying rationale for every ruling that it has handed down since 1823 regarding original nations.

The Interfaith Peace Network of WNY showed this film recently to much acclaim. It is based on Steven T. Newcomb’s book, Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. Newcomb co-produced it and is featured prominently in it. Directed by Sheldon P. Wolfchild; narrated by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

At our Environmental Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, NY 14072, 4-6 p.m. (+ potluck). All welcome.

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