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DVD ‘Scientists under Attack’ on Sunday, Nov 27

miki sos smallÁrpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela have two things in common. They are distinguished scientists and their careers are in ruins. Both scientists choose to look at the phenomenon of genetic engineering. Both made important discoveries. Both of them are suffering the fate of those who criticise the powerful vested interests that now dominate big business and scientific research. Statements made by scientists themselves prove that 95% of the research in the area of genetic engineering is paid by the industry. Only 5% of the research is independent. The big danger for freedom of science and our democracy is evident. Can the public – we all – still trust our scientists?

Join us this Sunday, November 27th, 4-6 p.m. at the RS Cottage (3449 West River, Grand Island) for “Scientists under Attack: A Political Thriller on GMOs and freedom of speech.” Potluck, too, of course.

For 13Nov11 – A visit from VIVE

miki sos smallThis Sunday, come and learn about the good work that VIVE does in our community from Sr. Louise ALFF, OSF, Faith and Education Coordinator for VIVE, and refugee guests.

At the RS Cottage, 3449 West River, Grand Island, 4-6 p.m., potluck following.  All welcome!

13Nov11 at the Cottage: Occupy Buffalo

miki sos smallIf you would like to learn more about Occupy Buffalo and/or share your experiences with it or thoughts/questions about it, please join us from 4-6 p.m. Sunday at the RS Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island.

Potluck, as usual, following our sharing. All welcome.

Declaration of Solidarity and Support for Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Buffalo, plus …

Declaration of Solidarity and Support for Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Buffalo

We, the members, officers and pastors of Riverside-Salem UCC/DC, see in the nonviolent spirits of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Buffalo, a promise of democracy renewed.

Our spiritual traditions are clear: the impoverishment of the many for the benefit of the few destroys us all. The cries of our people are clear: the American dream is compromised; the middle is slipping away; and in our politics, fairness is dissipating. The Soul of our Nation is threatened by many false idols.

So together we affirm the golden rule: do to others as you would have them do unto you. We commit ourselves to the restoration of justice for all in our economy, and compassion in our politics, that together we might behold a revolution of values for all our people. We ask all Americans to join us in this prayer, that once again our country might be the fulfillment of hopes and dreams for all who reach its shores.

Approved unanimously by the members, officers and pastors of Riverside-Salem UCC/DC at its regular meeting on October 30th, 2011.

Miki SosNovember, 2011

Dear Friends,

Years ago, the WNY Peace Center circulated A Pledge for Democratic Action based on an “Another World Is Possible” vision.  We celebrate the Occupy Movement that has breathed life into these hopes for a sustainable world; we have offered, among other things, to move the tipi from the Cottage to Niagara Square.  We have heard that there is also contemplation of a straw-bale building there.? [Re sacredness & sustainability, note John Mohawk’s statement from decades ago, enclosed.]

If you want to hear more about Occupy Buffalo, please join us on Sunday, November 13th (4-6 p.m.) at the Cottage.  (The Grand Island Dispatch published our Declaration of Solidarity (above), as well as Roger’s letter to the editor re “Bank Transfer Day.”)

We’ll also hear about human rights from Sr. Louise Alff, OSF, and refugees at VIVE on Nov. 20th and from Agnes Williams (Seneca) on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UN DRIP) on Dec. 4th.

Scattered through the months are DVD’s:  “Scientists under Attack” (Nov. 27) and “The Economics of Happiness” (shown at World On Your Plate this year to much acclaim) (Dec. 11)

THEN:  “Christmas in the Woods” with Nan Hoffman & Diane Evans:  a choral sing, storytelling and potluck on December 18th.  Bring your voice and a dish to pass!

 Info:  Nan (773-5315) or June (773-1426).      

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