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Wednesday this, Allan Jamieson

 July 20          Native Arts, Traditional and ContemporaryAllan Jamieson will provide a brief look at the promotion of art and culture from traditional to contemporary from his experiences as Coordinator of Neto…, a non-profit organization [with a studio based in the Niagara Art and Cultural Center, 1201 Pine Ave. Niagara Falls, NY], whose mission is to “Promote and Support the art and culture of the Indigenous People of the Americas in the WNY region.”  Allan is a Cayuga Faithkeeper of the wolf clan, received his MA American Studies in 1987 at UB; he has also worked to promote Native languages with Native American Community Services-HELP program.

All Welcome!

Wednesday, this: Jon R-G reading from mss.

jonThis Wednesday (at the Water’s Edge):

July 13           Writing with Jon Rieley-Goddard:  Co-pastor Jon will give readings from two book projects that he is working on–a novel titled Grimoire: The Mystery Man Murders, first of a series concerning a group of over-the-hill and cast-aside spooks who run a used bookstore and cannot keep out of trouble, and a non-fiction title, House of Verbs: Grammar (some) and Usage (a ot) for Writers. Jon is also a publisher (BaldyBooks) using print-on-demand technology.  One Riverside-Salem tie-in with the novel is the history of our church during the Vietnam war, when members’ antiwar stance attracted the attention of certain TLAs (three-letter agencies, such as FBI). The novel, first in a series, is partly an imagined back-story for the agents who were so interested in fellow citizens of good intentions.

6:00 p.m. potluck

6:30 p.m. program

At the Riverside-Salem Environmental Chapel/Cottage & Grounds:  3449 West River Road, Grand Island.  All welcome.

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